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A Byproduct of Pregnancy

Mood swings are the common for pregnantwomen. In fact, this phenomenon is one of the main signs of pregnancyin the first place. It affects women during the first trimester oftheir pregnancy period. Therefore, even if some women are worried bythe onset of this condition, this is completely natural and causes noreasons for worrying. There are different causes and manifestationsof these mood swings and the symptoms may vary in every individualwoman. Thus, it is useful to know what causes mood swings inpregnancy as well as some other facts about this unpleasantcondition.

Reasons behind Mood Swings duringPregnancy

One of the main reasons behind thiscondition are numerous hormonal changes affecting a pregnant woman'sbody. Namely, once pregnant, some hormonal levels of a womandecrease, leaving estrogen dominant. Once this happens, a woman isprone to experiencing a whirlpool of different emotions and feelings,changing her mood often. This hormonal imbalance is common withpregnant women and is considered completely normal. Other commonside-effects of pregnancy are heartburn, frequent urination, sleepdeficiency and others. All these tend to make pregnant women morenervous, influencing the mood swings further. All in all, carrying achild is not an easy task, and there are numerous enormous changesevery woman has to endure in this period, mood swings being one ofthem.

Quite commonly, these mood swings aretriggered by worries about the baby's health. Also, the woman mayfear her job position will be lost during her pregnancy. Lack ofmoney can give birth to frustrations during pregnancy as well. Manydifferent things lead to different reactions of the woman. After all,she is feeling happy and worried at the same time, for nine months,witnessing all the radical changes their body undergoes.

What Can a Pregnant Woman Do?

Well, a woman experiencing mood swingsduring pregnancy should have all the support she can. Thus, husbands,family and friends, all need to be next to these women and make themfeel wanted, happy, satisfied and relaxed. Also, pregnant women needphysical activity and a good diet. Every husband can make sure thathis wife goes for regular, peaceful walks with him by her side. Shealso has to have a very good diet, providing her all the nutrientsshe and her baby might need. If a pregnant woman has all the love andsupport she needs, she will have less chances of becoming prone tomood swings.

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