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Bloated stomach is the condition when the person has the feeling that his/her stomach is full although he/she has not eaten previously. Even though it is called bloated stomach, the problem actually occurs in the small intestine.

Causes of bloated stomach

In most cases of bloated stomach, indigestion is the prime cause for the appearance of this condition. When the foods we eat are not digested properly, the excessive gas is produced ant the person has the feeling of full stomach. Our body may be less intolerant to some kinds of foods and as a consequence, bloated stomach occurs. For example, there are several types of foods that are difficult to digest, like some of the vegetables like onions, garlic, cauliflower and broccoli. Furthermore, our body may be less tolerant to sprouts, cabbages and some diary products, which is why when we eat them the feeling of fullness in the stomach might appear. The people who are gluten intolerant and glucose intolerant should avoid the foods that contain glucose and gluten since they may produce a lot of gas and cause bloated stomach. When we eat and drink, it is normal to swallow small amounts of air. However, when we eat or drink rapidly and in a hurry, we tend to swallow large amounts of air, which further causes bloated stomach. Aerated drinks, fizzy drinks and sugar free and low carb foods also are responsible for the incidence of the bloated stomach since they tend to fill the stomach with a lot of air, thus making the sensation of fullness. Bloating is one of the symptoms of the irritable bowel syndrome, which is marked by the constant altering of diarrhea and constipation and the people who suffer from this condition have bloated stomach very often. Our digestive system may be burdened when we skip several meals and then overeat. As a result of that, the digestive tract is overloaded, usually with foods that are not chewed properly, which is why bloated stomach occurs. Candidiasis is also responsible for the occurrence of bloated stomach. Candidiasis is a yeast infection caused by the fungi that thrives in our body, principally in the intestines. When the person has rare bowel movement, the yeast tends to multiply, thus producing gas and causing bloating.

Bloating can be effectively cured but only after the main cause is establish. When it is done, the treatment includes the eliminating of the underlying causative factor.

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