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Bloated belly

Thismedical condition is an occurrence that is frequently accompanied by tenderness and uneasiness. This article produces further information on this topic. Swollen abdomen is a fairly frequent condition. It is most typically provoked by some ailment of the digestive system. The problem of bloated tummy is not easy to diagnose, since the signs that occur are also common for a variety of other medical issues. The search for the culprits behind this problem involves some testing, after which proper diagnose can ensue.

Most frequent reasons for occurrence

Nutrition habits that are not entirely healthy or proper are to blame for the swollen abdomen in most of the cases. Problems with indigestion can occur after a person has had too much to eat, or after stuffing on a certain food. A person’s belly can bloat after consuming some of the foodstuffs that can irritate the intestines when taken in great amounts: potato, bean, carrot, cabbage, apple, plum, peach or food rich in fiber.

Drinks as well can induce swelling in the abdomen. For example, fizzy drinks are a common culprit. Also, people who have been diagnosed with lactose intolerance can end up with a swollen stomach in case they consume some milk or a milk product. In addition to this, alcohol intake has shown some link to the bloating of the belly.

Apart from nutritional aspect, bloated tummy can occur when a person is suffering from the irritable bowel syndrome. This condition is characterized by contractions of the intestine which lead to cramps in the low area of abdomen, diarrhea and improper digestion of food. These problems result in bloating of the belly after a person has eaten a meal. Apart from the mentioned health ailments, there are others, like constipation or diarrhea that can also lead to swelling of the abdomen.

Aerophagia is another cause for the condition we are discussing. This word aerophagia means “swallowing of the air”. Some people tend to swallow excessive amounts of air while eating or even speaking. These people will frequently complain that they also belch.

Things one can do to help themselves

The proper procedure for curing the syndrome of swollen abdomen will depend on the specific case, but, there are things every patient can do to help themselves. For example, they need to take more fluids that usually, and also to abstain from food that is known to induce bloating. Don’t forget that regular workout can help tremendously. Keep a close watch on your diet, work out and it may relieve you of your problem!

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