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Lightheadedness and nausea

Giddiness and the urge to throw up are typically linked to a relatively limited number of the ailments. It is true that these problems occur fairly frequently, and that they are usually not dangerous, but it is important to remember that it just might be the case that your body is trying to show you that it is in distress.

Lightheadednessor dizziness is a state of the body when we feel that we are about to faint and that the world around us is turning round and round. In most of the cases these symptoms can be attributed to blood pressure the level of which is too low. Among other culprits we have anemia, dehydration or various issues with the coronary system or the central nervous system.

Almost every one of us has at least once in our lives gone through vomiting. It is violent expulsion of stomach contents in a case when the body needs to get rid of them for some reason. In most cases it occurs due to the occurrence of flu or as a consequence of having eaten something bad. In some instances vomiting and lightheadedness go hand in hand, and it can get very nasty when the two are combined.

Culprits for throwing up and dizziness

As we have previously mentioned, various medical ailments can be to blame for the onset of the two listed ailments. Sometimes they occur in people who suffer from motion sickness. While some individuals do not suffer from these problems while riding in a vehicle or on a boat, others will have quite distressing problems. The center for regulating balance is affected in the state of motion, and people susceptible to motion sickness experience rather troublesome processes in theirbodies.

Of course, we have all heard of pregnancy nausea. Many women will experience sickness at the beginning of their period of gravidity. They will most typically get the urge to throw up when they suddenly rise from sitting. What can contribute to this phenomenon is spending time in a room which is airless and where there are many people.

Some people simply fear open spaces, and finding themselves in such an environment is something that can provoke the urge to vomit. These people will feel unsafe and anxious in an open space, and their bodies will very easily violently react to such conditions. Agoraphobic people which we have just described have to be aware of this problem and try to get professional help and gradually get used to open spaces so as to prevent nasty reactions of the body.

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