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On bulimiain general

The disturbanceof the human health referred to as bulimia nervosa by medical experts is an ailmentwhich is characterized by one’s obsession with decreasing their body weight andan overpowering urge to overeat in a short time. People who suffer from thiscondition usually devour great amounts of food that is at their disposal. Theykeep eating and eating only to ultimately experience ache in the stomach. This isthe moment when they panic and throw up.

Bulimics createdistorted images of themselves, falsely perceiving that they have far too muchexcessive body mass, where in reality it might happen that they are in factfairly slim or even skinny. Their psyche changes too – the feeling ofdiminished self-worth comes into play. It is good to remember that individualswho have bulimia do not necessarily vomit to get rid of the surplus ofcalories. Instead they might engage in heavy workout plan, diet rigorously orabstain from eating altogether.

Symptoms ofbulimia

As onemight expect, people afflicted by this condition will often want to hide theirdisorder from other people. Be that as it may, upon taking a closer look onewill discover the signs that the disorder is present. For instance, a bulimicwill display poor management over their eating habits. One might catch thosepeople ingesting surprisingly large amounts of food and then again sometimesrefusing food totally.

If they regularlyvisit bathroom after they have eaten a lot of food, you might suspect onbulimia. If these signs related to food intake are not present, you mightrecognize a bulimic in a person who exercises far too much. Also, discolorationof their teeth is another sign, apart from tooth decay which tends to occurfrequently in bulimics. And this is the least that can happen to them.

The repercussionsof bulimia

Harmless asit may perhaps seem to some, this disorder is in fact quite harmful and mayeven lead to death. The negative repercussions that bulimia has on human healthinclude pain in the abdomen, swollen hands or feet, or persistent tenderness inthe throat. Since bulimics are prone to throwing up, stomach acid that reachestheir mouth might have a devastating effect on their teeth, which may start todeteriorate rapidly.

Some veryhazardous effects may appear in bulimics. Their period may stop appearingregularly or cease altogether, irregularities in the heartbeat may be observed,apart from potential cessation of proper function of kidneys. Severe cases mayeven end in death.

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