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Loss ofwater in the body

People fromall Meridians can suffer from severe loss of water from their bodies. The degreeof dehydration can vary from one instance to another. For example, we can speakabout mild, moderate and grave instance of loss of water from the body. Of course,the most dangerous one of the three is the third, severe occurrence ofdehydration. It occurs when a person loses a great amount of water over a smallperiod of time.

Water isthe source of life and the most important matter in a human body. In caseswhere the body gets depleted of a huge amount of water, it can begin to show serioussigns of malfunctioning. This situation appears when the body uses up morewater than it is getting. This state of insufficient intake of water can lastfrom several days to several weeks before symptoms of dehydration develop.

A body thatis not getting enough water can suffer from tremendous impairment of basicfunctions. It may not seem so at first, but this condition is a frequent one,and it can even result in death.

Culprits behinddehydration

As you canimmediately guess, inappropriate intake of water is one of the most frequentand obvious reasons for dehydration. After depriving oneself of enough waterover a period of time, symptoms of grave dehydration can appear. They include abnormally frequent and fluid bowel movements sometimescombined with throwing up and high body temperature. This depletes the body ofwater even more. Mild instance of dehydration looks different, and it ischaracterized by sensation of feebleness, giddiness, and tiredness.

Some peopleare at greater risk from dehydration than others

Children arethe ones most threatened by this condition. Their body mass is very small andhence their turnover of fluids and electrolytes occurs more often. Apart fromchildren, the elderly are also at a greater risk than adults. This is due tothe fact that senior citizens’ bodies are less able to preserve water thanthose of the adults. In addition, it is not infrequent that they simply forgetto drink water because physiologically their bodies need less fluid at thatstage of life. To make matters harder, many of the elderly take medications onregular basis and those medications often have the side effect of draining thebody of fluid.

People whoexercise intensively and extensively are at a great risk of dehydration. This islogical, since human body uses up much more water while working out compared tonormal circumstances, and hence athletes need to be very careful and take inample amounts of water.

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