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When human suffers tension and pressure, there are some points on the body, called reflex points, which can help and decrease the tension and pressure. The study based on this principle is called reflexology and we will talk about it in the following lines. Pain, tension and anxiety can be reduced with the massage of certain points on the body, or the reflex points. This technique resembles acupressure due to pressure on the certain body areas, but the difference is that acupressure works with the body energy flow and reflexology does not. Inducing the labor can be achieved with the use of this technique. Pain during the deliver is very serious and every mother wants to eliminate or reduce this great pain. Use of reflexology is a safe and natural way of achieving this, which is why this method is very popular today. Drugs can lead to so many side effects and complications, and this is why people are looking for more natural solutions.

Reflexology and Induce Labor

Area of the arch of the foot is very important for the reflexology. When you massage this reflex point, you should not press so much that you feel pain, but you have to be firm. After the pressure application, the tension will be released and this will increase the pain. Woman during delivery and labor experience great amounts of pain and this can be very useful in this situation. Area of the body between the second and the big toe is also helpful in inducing labor but know that this area will also be tender due to the pressure application. A very tender reflex point is the inside heel and this point can also help with the pain during the labor. The pituitary gland can be stimulated with the massage of the thump reflex point and this is maybe the most effective point for the induced labor. This point will make the uterine wall contractions more stimulated due to the increase of the oxytocin, which is the hormone responsible for the mentioned contractions. For this effect, the thumb center has to be pressed for 3 minutes after which other thumb follows.


Expert is a person who should perform techniques of reflexology, but you can learn how to do them at your home as well. However, since you are not an expert, you might not perform it correctly so we advise the use of expert services. Pressure will have to cease once the contractions begin and you can continue when the contractions stop. Never do the techniques of reflexology for inducing labor if you are not over due date because there are some complications, like premature delivery, which can occur. This technique for induced labor is not scientifically proven, but it is safe and involves no risk. Many say that it has helped them so there is a chance that it will work on you as well.

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