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Natural ways

There is quite a number of women who are in favor of less stressful and less painful labor, and this is one of the reasons why they constantly seek ways to help theiryet-to-be born child as much as they can, thus inducing the labor a bit earlier –once forty or forty two weeks have passed, usually. In this sense, there arecertain methods and techniques that are used more commonly than others in orderto facilitate and encourage the labor, as well as to induce a bit strongercontractions and in this manner speed up the entire delivery process.

According to the datamade public only recently, as far as the United States of America areconcerned, every first birth in five is “given a helping hand” by way of some specific pharmaceutical drugs. But as many would have already figured it out,though aiding, this technique might prove to be quite harmful in thelong run both for the mother and her child, due to the possible side effects ofthe medications in question.

Drugs and negativeimplications

As far as the “modern”ways of inducing labor are concerned, including various medications and drugs, this has become quite a practice today, even though it should nothave become one. It is known that labor as such can be prematurely inducedquite early – 37 weeks into pregnancy. This stage is regarded as the most frequentone in which these drugs are employed. What needs to be emphasized is that, dueto their extremely harmful effect, these drugs and medications should be optedfor only in case of emergency and if the natural ways provide no results.

Acupressure saves theday…and the labor

For those who are notfamiliar with the acupressure ways, especially future mothers, the mostimportant thing to point out is actually the way in which it works. In the light of this, itcan be said that this method is based on application of gentle pressure tocertain pressure points on the person’s body. Also, this is regarded as evensafer technique in the sense talked about here, since itis not invasive and does not induce any kind of pain at all.

There exist no lessthan three different points which are known to be the ones to surely induce thelabor, and they are the following – hoku, spleen 6 and bladder 32.

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