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Pregnancy is a wonderful gift and all women will have a different story to tell. They will probably all agree that going past the due date is not something they relish in. It can make the mother to be worried, anxious and frustrated because after going up to thirty seven or even forty two weeks of pregnancy, enough is enough. Sometimes due to the anxiety of the mother to be, she may want to consider the options available to actually induce the labor herself. The labor inducing methods are useful but they do come with a set of unwanted possible complications thus it is always the better option to try the natural methods because of their safe track record. It is important that you do not try some of these methods prior to the forty week period as complications can rise. This is because the baby nor the mother’s bodies are not fully ready for labor.

Sex and Nipple Stimulation to Induce Labor

This method has been proven time and time again as a successful way to induce labor in the natural way. The hormones oxytocin and prostaglandins are discharged in the woman's body and these can actually rouse contractions consequently inducing labor. The same hormone, oxytocin is also released into the woman’s body via nipple stimulation. The technique is simple, you will need to massage the nipples with either the palm or the fingers for around five to ten minutes.

Spicy Foods and Walking to Induce Labor

Most people can agree that by eating foods that are rather spicy in the last few days coming up to the due date can bring on labor. This happens because the spices essentially motivate the digestion system which, of course, leads to the increase of production of a hormone called prostaglandin which is also the same hormone released during intercourse. Walking is another method that can help you to stimulate labor because by keeping your body vertical you will be using gravity in your favor. This is especially good, if you are having weak contractions or irregular contractions as it will aid the baby to go downwards.

Herbs to Induce Labor

The blue and the black cohosh are two widespread herbs that are helping in inducing labor naturally. You will need to use ten drops of each in a little water and take it once an hour as this will help to bring on the contractions.

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