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Pregnancy usually brings the best emotion in all people, butafter 9 months the parents want to see their child (or children). After the duedate, the last thing they want to do is to wait couple of days more. Perhaps youdon’t need to wait, because there are several methods that could induce thechildbirth.

There are several techniques and methods many people foundeffective in starting the childbirth. Acupressure, sexual intercourse, nipplestimulation and sweeping membrane are just some of them. Some of the methods have not been scientifically (ap)proved and there is apotential risk for the mom or baby. To try any of these methods, you must knowthat they won’t work if the cervix is not ripe. Before starting any of thesemethods, you should always consult your gynecologist and ask for the opinion.


Both the WHO (World Health Organization) and US NIH (UnitedStates National Institute of Health) declared the acupressure as safe to inducethe labor. Technique requires some basic information on acupressure and you can’tdo it by yourself, but your partner should perform it. There are several acupressurepoints on the body and the pressure applied to these points is said tostimulate contractions and dilatation of the cervix, inducing the childbirth. Mostwomen who tried acupressure say that it started the labor in maximally 48 hours.Also, these women reported to experience much lower pain during the actual childbirth.


Sexual intercourse can also start the labor. There are noreal proofs that this method works, but some scientists found out thatprostaglandins from the sperm or oxytocin released after the orgasm could be responsiblefor the speed up of the childbirth. The only limitation is low lying placentaor broken waters, because women in those conditions should not have sex, for itmay not be safe for the baby.

Nipple Stimulation

Another way to release the oxytocin in the bloodstream andinduce the childbirth is the stimulation of the nipples. As suggested, nipplesshould be rolled between the fingers for a minute or two and then again after 3minutes. The procedure is said to work its best if it’s performed for 20min. Be careful not to hurt yourself while stimulating the nipples. Itwould be a good idea to have a doctor by your side when trying out this method.

Sweeping Membranes

Striping or sweeping the membrane is a procedure that shouldalways be done by an experienced midwife of the doctor. Medical experts should insetthe gloved hand into the vagina and try to remove the amniotic membrane fromthe uterus and this method is believed to induce labor as well. The downside ofthe method is the discomfort and pain it may cause. Another thing is that itmight not work for every pregnant woman.

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