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This text will focus on the natural ways of inducing labor. These ways are very safe for the baby and the mother. The human gestation period lasts from 36 - 40 weeks, but the gestation lasting 42 weeks is needed for a pregnant woman to be overdue. This leads to labor occurring several weeks overdue. The pregnancy is exhausting and frustrating, so you can see how several weeks more can impact a pregnant woman. This is when every woman would like to induce labor and we will try to help. Remember that none of these natural ways of labor inducing should be done before the 42 weeks of pregnancy, because this period is needed for the baby and the mother to be ready for the labor. Midwife or health practitioner needs to be consulted before you decide to use some of these steps for inducing the labor. Relaxed mind is the first thing you should need. Try to do activities that relax your mind and avoid stress and other things that can delay labor.


The baby will be placed in the best position due to movement of the hips during a walk. The baby is pulled to the pelvic area due to gravitation and this is the reason why this is one of the oldest and safest ways of inducing labor.

Sexual Intercourse

This is a way most women are uncomfortable with, but due to the semen ejaculated by a male, the cervix is ripened. This effect occurs due to the prostaglandins contained in the sperm. Also, during a woman's orgasm, contractions are influenced by a hormone named oxytocin. This is one of the safest and most effective ways of inducing labor.

Nipple Stimulation

The release of the mentioned hormone, oxytocin, can also be done with a nipple stimulation. This way of labor inducing is very safe and practiced by midwifes for several years.


No scientific proof has been made for the claim that food can induce labor, but some women claim this to be true. The cervix can be toned with the help from pineapple, kiwi and mango. Spicy food and red raspberry are also mentioned as labor inducing food. The uterine contractions can be caused by spicy food, which causes labor.


Irregular or weak contractions can be made strong with the help of blue or black cohosh and several other herbs. The regulation of the contractions can be achieved with the consumption of black, while stronger contractions are achieved with the use of blue cohosh. This is why they should be consumed in the same time. See a doctor before you decide to use some of the herbs for labor inducing.


There are many acupressure points on the lower legs, hands, ankle and shoulders that have been associated with labor inducing. The cervix can be dilated with the pressure applied to these locations and this will lead to labor. Other ways of inducing labor include uterine membrane stretching and the use of Castrol or primrose oil. Remember to see a doctor before using any of the stated advice in this text.

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