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Introduction to Pregnancy

Pregnancy usually last for nine months, and sometimes the last several weeks can seem like forever.

Sometimes, I women will want to just get it over with as the final stages of the pregnancy begin, and in some cases, they need to find a way to induce the pregnancy of the baby that is not ready to come out.

About 20 percent of pregnant women in the United States will undergo a medical induction, however, there are natural things that a woman can do in order to naturally induce labor at home without having to go to a hospital.

It is very important to remember that induction should not be tried before the 39th week of the pregnancy, because it may not be safe for the baby.

In all cases, it is always better to consult the doctor before going forward with the induction process. Natural Induction Ideas

One good way to natural induce labor is through sexual intercourse. In order for labor to begin, the cervix must soften and ripen. Semen has prostaglandin that can help with this process, therefore, having sex can make the cervix become favorable for labor. Sex is one of the best and first choices for starting a natural labor for obvious reasons.

In addition to the act alone and its benefits, an orgasm can also cause uterine contraction, which will help labor begin.

If a women believes that her water has broken, then sex should not be an option, because it could result in an infection.

Nipple stimulation is another good way to begin labor. This works by simulating the nipple actions that would be made by a breast feeding baby, which will in turn cause uterine contractions. A women can either use breast pumps or the partner can also help to stimulate the nipples through natural touching and caressing. Nipple stimulation can also cause a person to release oxytocin, which helps with the induction as well.

Walking is also a good way to begin labor. This activity can help to position the baby better for labor, because when a person walks, the baby can move around and slide and settle down in the lower area of the pelvis.

The baby’s head needs to put pressure on the cervix in order for the cervix to dilate and walking can make this happen.

Walking can also help a women with her contractions and make them a lot easier to handle.

Acupressure can also induce labor. Certain points on the body have relaxing and stimulating effects when pressure is put on them. When massaging eh webbing between the thumb and pointer finger, contractions can be induced in some cases.

Another location to try is two inches above the ankle on the inside of the leg.

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