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Obesity and Responsibility

Obesity is a major problem and many countries, like UK where every fifth child is obese, have to deal with this problem. But one of the countries fighting with this problem is America and this is a country where this problem is the greatest. The way these numbers are presented is what is very shocking and disturbing. Humans are not landslip or a tree, so we cannot present them as they are landscape. But there is not much what we can do about this. The issue of obesity does not have a culprit since every institution is blaming the other. Some of these are retailers, governments, food industries, school and so on. Nobody is taking responsibility and we seem to take this very naturally since we are not the ones who caused it. This is how they think.

If we follow this example, we would have never abolished slavery. In these times, slavery was just something natural and nobody has directly caused it. It was simply there, but it is not known because actions were taken. You can see the resemblance with the situation with obesity today, because like the slaves in those times, obese people are a sub-class and nobody is suffering because they are here, they are not bothering anybody. The talk about the measures for the reduction of pollution on this planet had occurred one week after the hysteria around the obese children. The leaders of the world act very slow and their reactions are dangerously late on every issue that this planet is facing. We can destroy this world if we continue with the habits we have today and these readjustments are just talked about.

Personal Fat Footprint

Nobody is taking responsibility, but recently, there was a talk about the reduction of the carbon footprints. However, most of the people do not take this seriously and they think that it is a joke. We have to be realistic and every person on the planet has to take the responsibility for the state of our planet and the lives we live. We are currently living lives in excess and this can be seen from the obesity issues and the pollution problems as well. We have to take personal responsibility for the problems we are facing. Food is a gift from nature, so treat it accordingly and eat humbly. Food needs to be enjoyed in since it gives us energy for the day. Be a dignified human being, use your intelligence and banish the weaknesses of today.

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