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Obesity has become very frequent problem especially in well-developed countries. It affects people of all ages. Consuming food rich in calories, sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise or any kind of physical activity are the most common causes of obesity. There are several treatment options for obese people. Some of them are less invasive and include dietary changes and increase in physical activity and others include medications and surgical procedures.

Dietary Changes for Obesity

The first step in treating obesity is making dietary changes. The person is due to consult a health care provider who will create a reduced- calorie diet. The diet is of approximately 1.000 to 1.600 calories per day. Apart from being low in calories the diet must include optimal intake of all vital vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

Increased Physical Activity for Obesity

Together with low calorie diet one is due to increase physical activity. What sport is the most suitable for each patient is determined after physical examination. The doctor may recommend exercise and specific sports according to a patient's general health. There are many physical activities and sports that can accelerate weight loss. Some of them are walking, swimming, elliptical training etc. Only if the two previously mentioned treatment modalities do not provide with optimal results, the doctor suggests more invasive approach.

Medications for Obesity

Under certain circumstances the doctor may prescribe medications to control obesity. These drugs are administered together with dietary changes and exercises/ physical activity. Some of these medications are very beneficial and can provide with desirable results but they may also have many side effects (insomnia, headaches, constipation, rapid heartbeat etc.). This is why all patients who are prescribed such medications must be monitored during the treatment.

Surgery for Obesity

Surgical treatment for obesity is the last resort. There are many procedures for obese people. The doctor recommends the most convenient one for each patients. Reduction in weight and maintaining optimal weight is achieved with several bariatric surgeries such as gastric banding, gastric bypass surgery, bilopancreatic diversion, lap band surgery etc. Even though these procedures may help in weight loss and weight control they also have some side effects.

Behavioral Modification

Apart from all the mentioned treatment options an obese person is suggested counseling. This way he/ she can identify the problem of improper eating habits and deal with personal issues. There are also support groups for obese people. They provide with understanding and help obese patients to endure in their undertaking and the whole treatment.

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