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Each year there are more and more reports of children becoming obese and these children then progress to become obese adults. The world is becoming larger at an alarming rate and this is not just localized to America, it is also happening in the undeveloped countries as well as the developed ones. The fact that seventy percent of obese children will be obese as adults, is a huge concern for the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization. Obesity will cause other health issues later on in a person’s life. However, this is not just the obese person’s problem, it also affects everyone else through the increase of health insurance as well as the reduction of people being fit enough to work.

Statistics about Childhood Obesity

There was a report that was written in 2004 called "Prevalence of overweight and obesity among children and adolescents: United States" which was conducted by the CDC. The report stated that sixteen percent of children between the ages of six and nineteen were in fact over weight. This figure had doubled since the year 1980. At the same time, it was reported that another fifteen percent of children were on the verge of being classed over weight bringing the total to thirty one percent. The number had tripled in three decades.

Facts about Childhood Obesity

Obesity has greatly affected the economy. If you look at the years 1979 through to 1991 the numbers have increased dramatically. In 1979 to 1981 there were thirty five million cases. In 1997 to 1991 there were one hundred and twenty five million cases. Health is affected by obesity. Before the 1990’s there were four percent of cases of type two diabetes in children. After that in the 1990’s the figure jumped up to between eight and forty five percent of cases reported. The obese children are suffering with heart problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high triglycerides. Samoa has the highest rate of obesity in children standing at seventy four percent. America has thirty four percent and China has two percent.

Why are Children Becoming Obese?

Fast food is the number one cause of obesity in the children. Many nations have accepted the fast food chains such as MacDonald’s, Burger King, and Kentucky Fried Chicken and they also have their own version of them. Lack of exercise also contributed highly to the obesity, this can be said in and out of the school gates.

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