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Obesity has become a major problem in the United States since the number of people who are obese is very high and it is constantly growing. The United States are not alone in this, because the obesity is becoming a problem in other countries as well.
What are the main causes of obesity?
We need to know what the reason that caused our population to be obese is. There are explanations that fast food causes this problem, since it has become so popular and easily available. Also, the other reason lies in passivity of people. There are a lot of people, especially children, who are tied up to their computer with playing games and watching movies, so they aren't as active as they should be. Playing in the ground and outside is replaced with on-line games. This is also a problem for many adults whose work is depending on the internet and they are forced to sit in front of the computer for a long time each day. Some studies showed that social network can also be a reason for obesity. If the people you hang out with, whether your family members or friends are obese, it is more likely that you will be obese too. Other causes for obesity lie in heritage, emotional overeating and problems with metabolism. You should visit a doctor if you suspect that you might have a metabolic disorder. If the cause is in your genes, than you must try harder than other people to stay fit. Overeating on emotional basis needs to be treated in a proper way. You should deal with emotions that are disturbing you in another, more productive way. Stress is something that should be avoided or reduced, because it does not only lead to obesity, but to other health problems as well.
What are the cures for obesity?
The first question is if we have yet discovered a cure for this kind of problem. There are many products available on the market, which promise weight reduction, but not all of them actually work. Diet pills that are innovated can help in obesity, but a person who wants to get rid of this problem must be involved too. Taking pills is not going to be enough for someone to lose weight. Nowadays we hear a lot about how healthy exercises are. They really are and they are one of the main fighters against obesity. You don't need to do some hard exercises, you can try to walk every day. That will not be that difficult as doing some exercises that require too much energy. Another very important thing in fighting against obesity is a proper dieting. Eating healthy food that includes a lot of fruits and vegetables, rather than eating fast food, will make you feel more energized.

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