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Swelling in the face is an occurrence where due to many different potential causes, a person’s face swells up completely and remains in that condition for a period of time which can include only a couple of days to a period of a couple of weeks. Swelling in the face itself is in no way a disease, but it is rather a consequence of another condition. Sometimes, the swelling can get so out of hand that it can even impede performing some of the most basic functions, such as eating or breathing.

What causes swelling in the face?

Swelling in the face is something no one can really predict happening for it can happen in a variety of situations which really have no common ground. For example, swelling in the face can be one of the side effects of surgery, while it can also occur as a reaction to certain medications. Any kind of skin anomaly, from acne to moles to hives can result in this kind of swelling. Things like eye infections or weight gain are also proven to have this effect on the face.

How to take care of the swelling in the face?

Pressing a cold cloth against the swollen face is one of the most effective, yet simplest, ways to reduce the degree of swelling of the face. Another thing to use for this purpose is a special kind of mask that is meant to be held in a freezer and applied to the face afterward.

One thing that’s really important for people suffering from swelling in the face to remember is to always make sure to sleep with their eyes on the ceiling. Also, they should make sure that their upper body part is slightly more lifted than their lower body part. That way, there will be no danger of too much fluid reaching the face and potentially swelling it up.

Another thing that can cause swelling in the face is the consumption of various food kinds. The most important ones to avoid in order not to experience swelling in the face are salt and fast food. One shouldn’t exaggerate with the consumption of water either, but rather replace it with water pills.

Finally, as previously mentioned, swelling in the face can also arise as a consequence of a surgical procedure. However, in these cases one should consult a doctor before doing anything or placing anything on their face.

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