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Facial swelling causes

Having a swollen face can be embarrassing, no matter how small the swelling is. When people meet for the first time, the thing that stays in their minds is the face. A swollen face is pretty usual. Swelling may occur quite fast or it can happen to a person overnight. Because of that, everybody agrees that there is no prediction in this case. There are some things that can cause the swelling.

What is facial swelling?

If a person's nose or eyes or lips get bigger than it is normal, that is the case of facial swelling. Swelling occurs because of the fluid build up in those facial areas. It is not uncommon for the puffiness to spread to the neck and in some cases the upper arms. Most of the time, there is no need to visit a doctor because it can be cured by some home remedies. However, in more severe cases, medical assistance must be looked for.


Redness at the affected area, slight pain, rash and fever are considered to be the symptoms of facial swelling which a person can treat at home. However, if the person experiences swelling of the mouth and tongue or neck and lips, he or she should seek medical assistance. Symptoms that are usually followed by severe swelling are also breathing difficulties and problems with swallowing.


Experts say that there are about 250 causes of facial swelling. Slight swelling of the face is not that easy to discover, while on the other hand more severe cases are not that easy to hide. A good thing would be to know what causes swellings. For instance, a bee sting or hay fever are only some of the allergic reactions which may cause swelling. Pink eye and any sort of injury to the face may cause swelling as well. Angioedema is known to cause the swelling in the mouth and eyes area. A face will swell up after a surgery in the facial area as well.

A bacterial infection like cellulitis for instance can cause puffiness in the face area. If a person is allergic to some drugs, like Aspirin or penicillin for instance, he or she may experience facial swelling. When a person's sinuses get inflamed due to some kind of infection, his or her face may swell up as well. These are only some of the causes. The list does not end here. The important thing is that a person should not panic, because facial swelling can be cured in a matter of hours.

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