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A cyst is a small lump which can emerge anywhere on the skin. The lump is like a sac with a special membrane filled up with fluid or oil called keratin. Cysts on face usually appear due to the swelling in the hair root but in some cases they can be caused by skin injury. The cysts are generally yellow or white but people with dark complexion can have cysts in different color. There is a small black spot in the middle of the cyst. In most cases cysts are harmless and heal on their own, but if they are infected, a person with the cyst can experience pain, swelling and redness around the cyst. A cyst on face usually does not progress fast. In some cases cysts can be beneath the skin.

There are many reasons why a cyst appears on the face. One of the reasons is a large amount of sebum that gathers in the pores on the face which causes the cyst to emerge. Another reason can be damage or an injury of the hair root. The most common cause of cysts on face is change of hormone levels which is very frequent with teenagers. Sometimes it can be a genetic factor if one of the parents had similar problems. In many cases applying the inadequate makeup can cause cysts on face. You should be careful when choosing the makeup which must be appropriate for your type of skin, otherwise it can block the pores and hair roots and the result can be a cyst.

Cysts on face are usually painless and small and they withdraw on their own without any special treatment. In case the cyst stays on face for a long time or it is large, it should be treated more carefully. If the cyst bursts, breaks or becomes infected or contaminated, you should see a doctor to ask what kind of therapy is the best. In rare cases, if the swelling of the cyst is extreme, the doctor can give you a corticosteroid injection. The usage of antibiotics is necessary in case there is an infection. Your doctor may decide to surgically remove the cyst on face. This is a very simple procedure which involves a tiny cut to release the fluid from the cyst. The cyst can also be eliminated with the laser. Both ways stop the cyst from appearing again.

If your condition does not require a visit to the doctor, you can put a warm towel on the cyst to ease the pain on your own. Other home remedies include honey and cinnamon application to reduce the infection, or sandalwood powder to control the sebum production.

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