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Very common skin formations called moles can be found on everyone’s body. They are actually the pigmented spots, often of black or brown color. Apart from the color, they often vary according to the size, shape and whether they are uneven formations on the surface of the skin, or not. Although usually being very benign and common mark on someone’s body, a mole can be very dangerous problem, as well. For instance, some moles tend to grow into the malignant tumor, that way being recognized as one of the most serious diseases, called the skin cancer.The types of moles

So, it is very important to know that there are some so-called risky moles, and that there is a big misconception that the flat moles are more dangerous than the raised ones. Also, it is important to know how they come into existence, and that fact will help to understand the development of the mole and any complication of it, if it takes place at all. The moles are actually a kind of the accumulation of the skin cells (melanocytes) and they can become darker in the adolescence, in the period of being pregnant and after the sunbathing, and, on the other hand, they can become lighter through the time. Additionally, hairs can grow from them and they can even disappear.The moles which are raised from the surface of the skin

However, talking about the raised moles, it is important to emphasize that they can be painful, and that is the reason to pay the immediate attention to this problem. Fortunately, the moles that cause the pain are not so frequent, but they must be treated before they become cancerous, which is the inevitable consequence in the most of the cases of such the moles. Of course, often the following symptoms of the cancerous mole are the swollen tissue, the itch and the irritation of that spot, and the inflammatory process is sometimes involved, too. And, if the mole is not of just one color, it is the reason to see the doctor, as well.

The other signs of the irregular, dangerous, and possibly malignant mole are the absence of roundness (which is usually accompanied with the indefinite borders), and if they are bigger than six mm in diameter.

Nevertheless, apart from the mentioned factors of risk, if cutting or scratching a mole while shaving, it can become painful, too. This happens especially in the case of the raised ones, so, at this point, it is necessary to point out that one should be careful when doing this routine. Also, the sunrays may provoke a mole to become cancerous, since, the ultraviolet rays are very dangerous for the skin in general.

So, the conclusion is that the people must take a great care of their raised and painful moles, and that can be done simply by examining them on a regular basis, because the earlier a cancerous mole is noticed, the greater are the chances for the removal and for curing it.

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