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Warts a Common Medical Condition

Warts on fingers are a quite common medical condition which may affect virtually any person. Warts occur on certain areas of the skin where they grows faster than they would normally do. Most types of warts are characterized by the skin color and they are always rough when touched. The cause of all warts is a certain type of virus medically referred to as the human papilloma virus. This type of virus cannot be cured and it actually contains more than 60 different subtypes. In most cases it gets resolved on its own over the period of 2 or 3 years. Once a person gets cured, she or he may get infected again at any time. There are three different types of warts. Common warts can be characterized by a surface that is rough to the touch and a well defined border. They are up to a centimeter wide, they can have different colors and in most cases they are firm to the touch. Plantar warts occur on the soles of the feet and they are usually flat with a black dot that comes from clotted blood vessels. These warts can be very painful. The third type of warts are genital warts. Finger warts cannot be associated with cancer and they are not a serious medical condition but they can be rather embarrassing and uncomfortable to have. In some cases, the warts may be very itchy and when they get irritated they usually bleed. The skin that surrounds the warts can become rather painful if it gets irritated. Warts may affect any part of the human body, but the most common areas include the hands, feet, face and fingers. Warts are contagious and they can be passed by means of a direct contact and in an indirect manner by touching the same surface that a contaminated person touches.

Treatment Options for Warts

Warts can be removed using numerous different techniques but the real issue is that in most cases they may return. The best way to treat any type of warts is to use a method which also deals with the strengthening of the immune system because by doing so one makes sure that the warts will not return after healing. One of the best products out there is called Dermisil. It can provide great results in just a few hours. It strengthens the immune system and reduces the chance that warts return after the process of healing. Warts can be burned off, frozen, or cut off but these treatments may cause disfigurement and permanent scarring.Are Raised Moles a Bigger Threat?

Moles are actually pigmented spots, often of black or brown color. They may also vary in size, shape and they may also involve uneven formations on the surface of the skin. Although usually being very benign and common mark on someone’s body, a mole can be a very dangerous problem, as well. Some moles tend to grow into malignant tumors. There is a big misconception that the flat moles are more dangerous than the raised ones. The moles are actually a kind of the accumulation of the skin cells and they can become darker in the adolescence, in the period of being pregnant and after the sunbathing, and, on the other hand, they can become lighter through the time. In some cases hairs can grow from them and they can even disappear. Raised moles can sometimes be rather painful, and that is the reason to pay the immediate attention to this problem. Fortunately, the moles that cause the pain are not so frequent, but they must be treated before they become cancerous, which is the inevitable consequence in most cases of such moles. The symptoms of a cancerous mole are the swollen tissue, the itch and the irritation of that spot, and an inflammatory process is sometimes involved, too. If the mole is not of just one color, it is the reason to see the doctor, as well. The other signs of the irregular, dangerous, and possibly malignant moles are the absence of roundness (which is usually accompanied with the indefinite borders), and if they are bigger than six millimeters in diameter. Apart from the mentioned factors of risk, moles can become painful if cut or scratched during the shaving. This happens especially in the case of the raised ones, so it is necessary to point out that one should be extra careful when doing this routine. The sunrays may provoke a mole to become cancerous, due to the harmful ultraviolet rays which are very dangerous for the skin in general. One must take great care of raised and painful moles and that can be done simply by examining them on a regular basis, because the earlier a cancerous mole is noticed, the greater are the chances for the removal and for curing it.

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