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What Are the Red Yeast Rice Benefits?

Red yeast rice is commonly used and is very popular becauseit provides the human body with numerous different types of health benefits.People use it for various medicinal purposes but its main health benefit may bethe fact that it is very efficient in decreasing the levels of bad cholesterolin the blood and increasing the levels of good cholesterol in the blood. Thereare certain types of red yeast rice supplements which do not contain lovastatinat all, and those are usually completely inefficient when it comes to dealingwith various cholesterol oriented issues and medical conditions. Red yeast ricesupplements are quite a popular substitute for statins as they are much saferand a completely natural option. Statins are a group of prescription medicationswhich are commonly used by all those who suffer from numerous sorts ofcholesterol oriented problems. Unfortunately, not that many people are awarethat red yeast rice supplements are similar to statins because they also containthe chemical compound known by the name of lovastatin. Lovastatin contained instatins is commonly isolate from a specific type of strain of fungus so it mayalso be claimed to be completely natural. Red yeast rice supplements may alsobe associated with all different types of side effects which are commonlyattributed to statins. Those side effects may or may not include a wide arrayof medical conditions which affect the liver and the muscles. The FDA recentlytook some actions against certain manufacturers which produced red yeast ricesupplements with lovastatin. These products were not approved by the FDA sothey could not be considered as dietary supplements. They were now proclaimedunapproved drugs. Most manufacturers started producing red yeast rice supplementswithout lovastatin so that they could comply with the aforementioned FDArequirements, but the problem is that without lovastatin, these products cannotlower the levels of cholesterol anymore.

How Does Red Yeast Rice Work?

Red yeast rice needs to be fermented with certain strains ofyeast under specific conditions so that it could contain certain amounts ofdifferent sorts of mevinic acids. Lovastatin is among those acids and it isactually a reductase inhibitor. Lovastatin is efficient in blocking the HMG-CoAreductase which is a certain type of enzyme in charge of cholesterol productionin the human body. Red yeast rice supplements may also contain certain types ofisoflavones and plant sterols.

Red Yeast Rice Use in Children

Red yeast rice in natural food items is safe for children,but supplemental forms of red yeast rice should be avoided.

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