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Information on Dates

Dates are a sweet and dry type of fruit and are commonlygrown in the countries of the Mideast region. They are known by their botanicalname of phoenix dactylifera and they grow on date palms. Dates grow in clustersand they are dark red brownish drupes with a wrinkled skin and a waxy, stickyfilm which covers them. They can be eater whole, but they are usually includedin numerous dish recipes of the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. Theyare usually sliced and scattered over cakes and served as dessert. Some peoplealso mix it with butter, bread, milk and yoghurt in order to enhance the taste.Some also take the seeds out and stuff it with other sorts of fruit, such asapricots. Besides being very tasty, dates are an excellent source of numerousdifferent types of essential nutrients. A single date contains approximately 23calories and it contains no cholesterol at all.

Date Fruit Health Benefits

Dates are a remarkable source of calcium, vitamin B5,dietary fiber, vitamin B3, amino acids, vitamin B2, sulfur, vitamin B1,manganese, vitamin A, phosphorus, fats, potassium and copper. The rich contentof different sorts of amino acids is very beneficial for numerous digestiveprocesses. Dates are very efficient in preventing people from overeating andpacifying the feeling of hunger. Dates contain abundant amounts of potassiumwhich is very important for the overall health of the central nervous system.They are very efficient in reducing the risk of stroke. Dates contain very lowamounts of sodium so they prevent the rising of the blood pressure levels veryefficiently. Dates are also an excellent source of iron, which means that theymay come in very handy for all those who suffer from anemia and irondeficiency.

Dates are also very good for the overall health of the eyes.They prevent the night blindness and similar eye oriented medical problems andconditions. Dates also contain significant amounts of fluorine. Fluorine is anessential mineral which is very efficient in strengthening the tooth enamel,preventing dental plaque and slowing down the process of early tooth decay. Whenthe fluoride comes in contant with hydroxyapatites the hydroxyfluoroapatitesget formed, and they are resistant to decay. Dates can also be of great helpfor all those who suffer from constipation and indigestion, due to theirlaxative properties. Dates are also very efficient in boosting the sexualstamina and providing the much needed amounts of energy.

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