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If you are looking for ways for lowering your cholesterol,there are always drugs, but they can cause a lot of side effects.There is another solution for this problem and those are nutritional supplements.Due to the advances of technology, a new generation of nutritional supplementsintroduces new technologies and traditional nutrients in one effective package.How efficient these supplements are is not an issue since there are so manystudies confirming that they work. Also, the oldest healing tradition of theworld provides us with the anecdotal proof as well.


Policosanol is one of the nutrients included and it isderived from the sugar cane, bee's wax and rice bran. It is highly efficientand it is not associated with the side effects like statin drugs, for example. When compared to the statins, it is definitely more efficient, and it does not increase the blood sugar levels. There are two types of cholesterol in the human body and they are LDL, which isbad cholesterol, and HDL, which is good cholesterol. They need to be balancedright so do not think that by lowering the LDL cholesterol you will not benefitfrom this situation since balance will be compromised and many functions of thebody depend on it. The mentioned balance can be maintained with the help of Policosanol, since it can increase the good cholesterol and decrease thebad one. Policosanol is more efficient in increasing HDL cholesterol and decreasing theLDL cholesterol than statin drug Lovastatin, and this has been confirmed in a12 week study. Lovastatin had no effect on the good cholesterol, while Policosanolincreased it by 7.5. So, bylooking at the results we can say that Policosanol is more efficient and it causesno side effects when compared with the statin drug Lovastatin. But only Policosanolmade from the sugar cane, usually manufactured in Cuba, is connected with theseresults. Know that Octatcosanol is an incomplete Policosanol and there are numerousproducts on the market with this incomplete form so be careful. These productswill provide lower results when compared with the Policosanol.


Guggul has been used in Ayurveda for many years. This is anherb that can reduce the blood cholesterol more efficiently than statin drugsand this is scientifically confirmed. The Cummiphora mukul tree, more preciselyits gum resins, is used for the derivation of Guggul, or the Guggulipid. Itoriginated from India and can help with acne, weight loss, arthritis, highblood cholesterol and other problems. It can prevent heart diseases by loweringC-reaction protein and lipoprotein, which can cause heart diseases. This herbalso has anti-inflammatory abilities and can be used for skin diseases and atherosclerosis.There is a natural solution for high blood sugar and it is either Gugglipidor Policosanol.

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