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RYR, or red yeast rice can be used for the treatment ofdigestive and circulatory disorders, like it has been used in China, where it iscultivated with mold Monascus purpureus. This rice is also used in America in aform of a supplement, but for a far lesser time then in China.

Confusion and Controversy

The RYR showed that it can reduce blood cholesterol and this was discovered inthe 1999, when some controversies arose as well. The controversy is related tothe lovastatin, which is calledMavecor and due to the presence of this drug, the use of RYR was prohibited bythe FDA. But in the 2000, they said that it can be regulated so RYR continuedwith a legal sale, which was allowed only if the lovastatin levels were lowered.I Butlovastatin was found again in RYR in 2007, and new attacks on it were launched bythe FDA. The RYR can be found in America now and according to the FDA, it has nolovastatin but there is no proof of this since RYR is a dietary supplement withunregulated content.


Two studies on the RYR were done several years later, and they said that it canreduce the level of blood cholesterol. One of them had two groups ofparticipants - 30 people who took placebo and 30 peoplewho included some lifestyle alterations and took RYR. The LDL and total cholesterollevels were decreased among the people from the second group. The RYR can beused for the reduction of muscle pain, and one study showed that by taking RYR, you have taken an equivalent of 20 mg of statin drug prevastatin, which would also lead to the cholesterol levels decrease.

Taking RYR

You can lower your blood cholesterol levels with this non-prescription dietarysupplement, but you have to be aware of the fact that you will be taking a lot ofstatins and similar substances. As we have said, this is a dietary supplementwith unregulated content, so you really cannot know what you are buying. There are genericstatin drugs, which have the same effect on the blood cholesterol levels and youshould consult your doctor about them if you are having doubts about the RYR.You will get the dose you need in order to get preferable results and know thatthey are more affordable then the RYR.

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