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The hair follicles and the related conditions

The follicle is, actually, the pore-like tubular hole or the pocket on the surface of the skin in which the root of hair is enclosed. Additionally, these pockets are very susceptible for infections due to the entrance of bacteria, fungi or some other germs. Consequently, the natural response to the infection is the inflammatory process.

So, the medical term for the condition which is manifested as the inflammatory process which occurs in the hair follicle is folliculitis. This problem, however, could be also caused by simply shaving the inappropriate way, by the increased secretion of the sweat glands, by the uncomfortable and tight clothes, by certain underlying skin conditions, such as acne, the ingrown hair, the inflammation of the skin, by certain opened injuries, or it can be even caused by wearing a plaster.

Anyway, the infection of the hair follicles could be mild or severe, which are also referred to as superficial and deep. The mild types of the infections are the most common, mostly because they are provoked by the bacteria called staphylococcus (which is very widespread). When this is the case, the most prominent characteristic is the apparition of the little formations which contain pus, while in the case of the infection triggered by pseudomonas, the redness, irritation and itch are the signs of the inflamed follicles. In the case of the tinea barbae as the trigger, the condition is manifested as the white formations over the beard. And, on the other hand, when the provoker is the pseudofolliculitis barbae, the pigmented scars are the symptoms.

Those were some of the most common possible triggers of the milder form of folliculitis, while, on the other hand, the severe form of it appears as the somewhat more serious damages to the skin, such as the boil-looking bumps, painful formations with multiple openings and the discharge of pus, or as the more intense type of the rash. Apart from the described aesthetic unpleasantness, the pain is very annoying, and these formations are usually accompanied with scars and damage from scratching, which also often results in coming back of the infection after some time.

The treatment

When it comes to the treatment, the milder types of the folliculitis are lessened usually by the medications that annihilate bacteria or fungi, in order to treat the cause and not the consequence, which is very important goal for any healthy and effective approach. Additionally, regular shaving is recommended to stay away from in the case of staphylococcus.

Nevertheless, as far as the treatment of the deeper inflammation of the hair follicles is concerned, the antibiotics and the corticosteroids are very beneficial as well, but, in the case of somewhat larger lesions, the surgical procedure is more recommendable option. That is, only the small cut is done over the formation, so that, the process of the regeneration could be helped.

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