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About the pain in the nail(s)

The basic substance of the nails is the protein called keratin and, even though they look very strong in comparison with the skin, they too tend to be hurt and damaged. They are also prone to be affected by different types of the infectious processes and to be attacked by numerous germs. Even though the affected fingernail by any form of the mentioned damage isn’t some serious health matter, the condition, if happens, should be treated right away after being noticed, in order to avoid any possible complications, since the tips of the fingers are in rather a constant use.

Therefore, the very first notions of something going wrong with the nails are the alternations in the surface and in the color. Each one of the conditions that could attack the fingernail has its own most prominent symptom that refers to the mentioned changes, which are, fortunately, almost always visible. These alternations could as well be the indicators of some underlying health problem, such is, for instance, the problem of suffering from jaundice, when the nails turn out to be yellow.

Provokers and treatment

Nevertheless, behind the pain felt in the nails, there could be different reasons. But, the most common provokers of this pain are the infectious and, consequently, the inflammatory process, triggered by the accumulation of a virus, fungus or bacteria. For example, very frequent is the infection paronychia, triggered by the fungus or bacteria, which is primarily manifested as the swelling of the nearby tissue, around the nail. However, when the bacterial infection is located beneath the nail and starts to grow from the root of it, the specific stain over the nail is spotted.

In the case of the inflammation of the nearby lymph nodes, the slightly increased temperature of the body is the most prominent indicator, of course, besides the pain. Similarly, if the deep area of the skin is inflamed (which is medically named cellulitis), the pain is accompanied by the decreased ability to move the fingers. Also, some injuries may result in nail folding inwards and backwards, and this problem should be treated by surgery.

Also very common provoker of the pain is the infection caused by fungi and when that happens, the whole nail is usually affected, but its basis especially.

When it comes to the treatment, logically, it depends on the particular provoker of the pain. Anyway, the most successful in getting rid of the pain are the remedies and medications intended on putting them directly over the affected nail(s), but very frequently, the topical treatment is enriched by the orally intended drugs. As far as the domestic remedies are concerned, they are usually based on immersing the nail(s) into the bath in which the Epsom salt is diluted, hydrogen peroxide, or apple cider vinegar.

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