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A few words about eczemaEczema is one of the most common skin problems and it affects mostly the children which still learn to walk, since their immune system is not yet at its best. This skin disease is actually visible as the inflammatory process over the surface of the skin, and it is manifested as the patches covered with redness and the crusty and scaly skin. In the advanced stages of the inflammation certain thick discharge tends to flow from the lesions which are created due to the excessive irritation. However, the most prominent accompanying problem of this condition, besides the unsightly patches, is the itch, which is, in the most of the cases, almost unbearable. How to deal with it?

However, the scaly patches usually affect the areas of the facial skin and over the belly, but they can spread over the whole body. So, the essentially important activity, as far as the successful treatment is concerned, is to heal the cause of eczema and not only alleviate the condition, itch, irritation and discomfort, that is, by dealing only with the consequences. Therefore, it is important to know that the most common provoker of this skin problem is the allergic response. This reaction is usually triggered by the milk products, eggs, hot air, by not enough humidity in the air, by the increased moisture, wool, the hairs from dogs and cats, and so on.

Having in mind that it is very hard to determine the exact provoker of the auto immune response, it could be said that it is not at all simple to treat this condition. But, fortunately, there are a lot of the available remedies which effectively deal with this problem. Anyway, the basis of any treatment is to provide enough moisture to the affected dry areas and, of course, to maintain the proper hygiene of the child’s body. It is also very beneficial to start the healing process at the very first stages of the development of the inflammation.

The trick is that the skin of the young children is far more delicate than ours and because of that, not all the products for treating eczema are safe. Therefore, it is better to treat the condition with the remedies based on the mild and natural ingredients, such as, for example, only adding the antiseptic agents into the bath. F course, too hot water can additionally irritate the skin, so the lukewarm water is the best choice. Also, after taking a bath, the infant’s skin should be only tapped and not rubbed with a towel. Having that done, the next step is to apply the moisturizing agent over the toddler’s skin, and this process should be done two times on a daily basis. Of course, the child should only wear the clothes made out of the natural fabrics.

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