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Taking a closer look to eczema

Eczema is a kind of the skin disorder which is marked by the inflammatory process over the skin and manifested as the appearance of redness and the lesion that are itchy and oozy. In the somewhat advanced stages of this condition, the lesions turn out to be patches which are scaly, flaky and encrusted, since there is the increased amount of the dead skin cells which tend to fall of almost constantly. The incidence of the possible bleeding and the open wounds due to the loss of the elasticity in the skin figure as the most severe and dangerous consequences, since then, the possibility of another infection is significantly increased.

Moreover, these unsightly blemishes can as well be grouped around the eyes, and in this specific case, the condition is the most unbearable, since the skin around the eyes is thinner, and therefore, much more sensitive. In the most of the cases, these areas are attacked when the person additionally suffers from not so strong immunity. That is why the eczema around the eyes, most commonly, is directly provoked by the auto-immune response of the organism, or as we refer to also as, the allergic reaction. Therefore, the direct triggers may be numerous harmful substances, which are likely to cause this kind of a reaction, such as some chemicals from the cleaning products, certain foods, and so on. Nevertheless, the holistic approach must be used in order to discover the provoker, since sometimes this condition is caused by the emotional stress, restlessness, but it as well may be caused by the genetic factor.

How to deal with it?

This condition is to be treated immediately, at the very first signs of it. Most frequently, the first indicator is the itch in the inner edges of the eyes, which progressively extends all over the eyes and around them. Sometimes, the inner membrane of the eyelids can be affected as well. Also, having in mind that the eyes are the most delicate organs in our bodies, it is highly recommendable to treat this condition by the use of the mild and natural remedies, which are not prone to involve some accompanying unwanted effect (unlike in the case of the artificial medications).

However, if the beneficial remedies from the nature show no effect, the condition must be treated conventionally meaning that the affected person must undergo the therapy based on a cortisone ointment or cream, which are intended for being put directly over the affected spots. Of course, this treatment must be combined with the introduction of some healthy changes into the lifestyle, in order to encourage the better functioning of the immunity.

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