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Nausea and Headaches

These two problems can sometimes be very frightening and harmful. Having them cannot be a good sign for you and your health. They can be tied closely together and we will try to explain how. The saying "every coin has two sides" can be applied on the nausea and headache. They can come together or separately, but the cause can be different in any case. The connection goes deeper since the nausea can lead to the headache and the other way around. We will give several the most common causes for nausea and headaches.

Causes of Nausea and Headaches

The nausea can be described as discomfort emotion experienced in the head and the stomach. The urge to vomit usually is experienced. The causes are very diverse, from the most benign to those more serious. The most common causes for the headaches and nausea are depression, diabetes, brain tumor, nervousness, vertigo, morning sickness and many others. The list is enormous. Cancer, concussion, infection, pregnancy, drugs, alcohol, Crohn's disease, heart attack, chronic fatigue syndrome, and cancer are associated with chronic causes. Nausea can be manifested as dizziness. There are many causes for the headaches and the nausea that overlap. The official name for the problem called headache is cephalalgia, and this term is connected with the list of conditions related to the head. For the problems of headache, chronic or acute, the treatment involves medications but in some cases they are not needed. They can sometimes be caused by the need for rest, fatigue or overstress. The problems we are talking about can be caused by migraine. Headache can be caused by the head injury.


Remedies can bring relief of nausea, but in order to eliminate the problem, the exact cause needs to be determined and treated. There are medications that will help. You can also give ginger supplements and vitamin B6 a try. If the remedies given are ineffective, see a doctor. Resting and over-the-counter medications can eliminate headaches. Also, a very effective remedy is rest. For the problem of headache, the original problem causing it needs to be treated. If you know that something is causing headaches, try to avoid it. These items can be a specific food, alcohol or something similar. Excessive eye stress can also be guilty for the creation of the headache. Painkillers or paracetamol can be used for headaches considered acute. For chronic headache, acupuncture can be a successful treatment. It can eliminate tension and migraine. The cause associated with tumor happens on just few rare occasions. The problem we are talking about today can be avoided by just leading a healthy life. This includes proper nutrition, exercising and proper hygiene. But remember that these problems are usually very mild and harmless.

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