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Facts and basicinformation

This specificcondition refers to the occurrence of a red lesion on the person’s skin, whichhas the tendency to become even more frequent, an occurrence as the person inquestion ages. When it comes to its overall outlook, cherry angioma iscomprised of a cluster of miniature blood vessels that have the tendency tocome about and become visible on the skin’s surface. The blood vessels inquestion also have the ability to merge and create papules, especially visiblein those people of fairer skin complexion. The areas these are most oftennoticed are legs, as well as the person’s trunk and in specific cases, they evengain in size significantly. Despite the fact that they might occur in youngerpeople (e.g. those in early twenties), it is more common in elderly people. Due to its obvious look this can become quite easy to spot, quite a large number ofpeople opt for the removal procedure.

Important to mentionis that cherry angiomas extremely rarely induce any undesired manifestations.The only unpleasant thing is that those are a bit more sensitive and may bleedif a person who has them hits or brushes against a harder surface. Having thisin mind, there is no need to remove them out of fear that they may bear somedanger or that they may transform into something that will endanger person’soverall health.


Unfortunately, theprecise cause for the occurrence of this specific angioma has not yet beendiscovered. However, it is considered to be in relation to the hormone levelsalterations, given that they, by far, occur most in women who are pregnant,with the tendency to reoccur once the woman in question has given birth. Anothertarget group is formed by those people who are exposed to specific chemicalslike, for e.g. mustard gas and alike.

Remove or not?

The papules formedby the vessels do have the potential to grow in size significantly and thus bemore than visible to the eye. And this is the main reason behind a number of surgical removal procedures that people opt for. Regular bleeding is also yetanother common reason why people opt for removing them completely. Among themost efficient removal methods are such as laser surgery (which barely causes anydamage to the surrounding skin), as well as electrodesiccation performed by aneedle and electric for the purpose of lesion removal.

Those people who donot prefer the above mentioned conventional methods can opt for the all naturalones. And according to the results acquired up till this day, the naturalremedies have proven to be more effective in this case. The first step shouldbe introduction of more vegetables in one’s diet, as well as fruits. Processedand junk fast food should be avoided at all cost. In addition, increase of vitamins A, E and pantothenic acid, being vital for the skin, can also preventthe occurrence of the cherry angiomas.

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