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The term leg cramp describes the involuntary and suddenmuscle contraction that can happen due to several reasons. Some of the mostcommon causes of this condition are certain mineral deficiencies, such ascalcium and magnesium deficiency in the human body. These two deficiencies arethe two most common ones responsible for the creation of leg cramps. Restlessleg syndrome, muscle fatigue, strenuous physical activity, certain medicationsand dehydration are some of the others possible causes of leg cramps. Thecondition called restless leg syndrome is associated with leg cramps that occur during the night. Until the ban by the FDA, the quinine was used fortreating the problem in question. The substitution for these medications wasfound in legatrin and other medications with quinine sulfate, but these werebanned as well. After this, tonic water was introduced and in the following text, we will see how effective this treatment really is.

Tonic Water

The leg cramps were treated with the quinine until it was removed from themarket and banned. So the substitute for this medication came in the form of tonicwater, which also has certain amount of quinine. The tonic water is very popularfor the treatment of leg cramps and it can be used since it has no medical risks associated with quinine involved, but it has some quinine that makesit efficient against leg cramps. Taking tonic water in moderation is safe dueto the low amount of quinine it has. Medical problems such as very low blood plateletcount, hypersensitivity, heart rhythm disturbances and others can occur dueto the effect of quinine. Also, problems such as constant sound in the ear,vision problems, nausea, dizziness and headaches can happen as well. Tonicwater can eliminate the leg cramp problem without such risks involved. But thelow amount of quinine in the tonic water can be a problem also. There are 20mgof quinine in 8 ounce of glass water. So this level of quinine can sometimes beineffective and the excessive use of tonic water can lead to nausea, dizzinessand headaches.


The best way to consume tonic water is in a mixture with grape juice. The tonicwater, taken along with grape seed extract, which is popular for the reductionand elimination of pain, is a great combination to fight against the leg cramps.Avoiding leg cramps can be achieved by following several simple steps, so toavoid leg cramps, you will need to consume a lot of water and other fluids, stretchyour legs (since this will make the muscles relaxed and prevent cramping), massageyour legs and take hot water showers.

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