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Water retention and blood circulation problems can lead to red swollen ankles and feet, but these problems can be easily be prevented by following some simple ways, which will be discussed in the following text. There are several factors that may contribute to the creation of red swollen ankles and feet. The causes of this issue can be diverse, from some underlying medical disease to simple stretching, standing or sitting for a long period of time. Also, the problem can be caused by some trauma and injury of the region in question. As we have mentioned, problems like edema, fluid retention and circulation problems can develop red swollen ankles and feet. We will focus on the causes of this condition in the next lines.


The blood circulation can be affected by the blood vessels and heart problems due to the impaired blood return to the heart from the legs and feet, which can lead to blood metabolic waste accumulation in the feet and lead to swelling. Fluid retention and edema are next possible causes. The fluid is moved towards the ground due to gravity and this is why long sitting or standing can lead to swelling of the feet due to fluid accumulation in this region. But, know that both of these conditions can be caused by several other medical diseases, such as kidney, liver and heart diseases. Drug abuse, blood clots, use of hormones (like steroids and estrogen), blood pressure medications, infections, lymphatic obstruction, preeclampsia, pregnancy, excessive use of laxatives/diuretics, liver failure, kidney failure, heart disease and excessive salt usage are possible causes as well. Factors that can contribute to the creation of the condition in question are overweight, joint problems like gout and arthritis, and high uric acid levels.


The cause of the problem needs to be treated in order to eliminate the swollen ankles and feet, but there are ways to prevent the problem. Some of them are avoiding long-lasting sitting, use of leg wedges or compression, elevating legs in higher level than the heart, avoiding the use of food with high levels of sodium chloride and salt and reducing or eliminating table salt from the use. All of this can prevent or reduce the ankle and feet swelling. But if you have to stand or sit for longer times, be sure to take breaks and stretch the leg from time to time. You can also reduce your weight by consuming healthy food and exercising. All of this will help with the swelling and improve blood circulation. There are serious diseases that can cause ankle and feet swelling, so it is best to see a professional if you are suffering from this problem, especially if the condition keeps coming back.

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