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Red clover tea

A lot of health benefits come from drinking red clover tea, or its blooms to be more exact, because they are the ones that are brewed.Red clover tea was first used in China and Russia, quite a long time ago, so its history for medical benefits is long. Its technical name is Trifolium pratense, but it is also known as purple clover, cow clover, meadow honeysuckle, etc. It can be found in some parts of North Africa and central Asia, but its native soil is in Europe. Of course, nowadays it's cultivated in both America and Australia.

Red clover tea benefits

Loads of active compounds and vitamins that have some good medicinal value are found in Red clover. All you have to do to is to take some blossoms when you take your beverage. Since free radicals can cause some serious cellular damage to your body, red clover tea can neutralize them because it has lots of antioxidants.If you suffer from asthma or bronchitis, it would be wise to take red clover tea because it acts as an expectorant. Women should drink the tea, because not only does it ease the discomfort of gynecological problems, such as menopausal symptoms or vaginal dryness, it reduces the risk of breast cancer as well, because it has phytoestrogens. It also cuts down on symptoms of menopause. Morning sickness is reduced during pregnancy if you take red clover tea. Red clover tea enhances the immune system, helps with prostate cancer and reduces the risk levels of heart diseases. It is included in the curing of liver disease and in treatment of venereal disease. Arteries become more flexible because it has a compound that is named coumarin.

Red clover tea side effects

It has been proved that there are no serious side effects but it can cause nausea, rash and headaches. Also, you should see with your doctor if you can drink it, because it interferes with cancer treating drugs, drugs that should control diabetes and blood thinning drugs. He will tell you as well what the right dosage is and how much you can take if you are already taking vitamin E, garlic, etc. And if you are on birth control pills or undergoing hormone replacement therapy, then you should avoid drinking red clover tea altogether. So, check with your doctor! Preparation of the tea is quite simple. Add 1tbsp of some herb to 1 cup of hot boiling water, steep it for about 10 minutes and add sugar or honey to your liking. You can have 2- 3 cups per day.

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