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One of the most common symptoms of menopause is sweating at night. Over sweating and hot flashes is usual for women in menopausal women. 2-3 in the morning is the time to wake up soaking wet. In the period of menopause it is vital to drink enough liquids, teas, water, juice, anything really at least 2 litters a day. This is not the case for everyone.

There are traditional Chinese medicines that can cure night sweats. According to Chinese, night sweats are actually deep chronic dehydration that turns into an inflammatory. It is called a Yin Deficiency and it is not necessary addressed as a symptom of menopause. Yin Deficiency according to Chinese herbalists, can be cured with yin tonics herbs they are so the figure of speech a nourishing “kapha”. The herbs soothe, coat and hydrate muccous membranes that are inflamed.

Chinese Herbal Pharmacies make medicines in powder or in pills. And there is a way to boil the “raw” herbal tea out of dry herbs and drink it couple of times per day, but in such case there is a bad taste and unpleasant smells in flat for very long time. There are couple of Formulas. A little bit of warning! Night sweat herbal medicines are not to be taken with alcohol. In case that tinctures are taken few hours per day, mix it with boiling water to neutralize the alcohol.


There is a list of such herbs:

To a Group of Great Ayurvedic Herbs are Amla(Emblica Myrobalani) and Shatavari(Asparagus Racemosa), then Asparagus ROOT and Marshmallow(Althea).And Spirulina that act as a super Nutrient that nourishes cells. 3-4 500 mg. Tablets are recommended to be taken daily. Spirulina is useful for menopause symptoms.

Also, there are:

Chinese Stellaria(YinChaiHu)White Peony Rt.(BaiShao)Lycium Root(DiguPi)

There is a herbal treatment that replace the fluids and ease menopause problems.

FuXiaoMai(Wheat Grain)WuWeZi(seeds of Schizandra) ShanZhuYu(Cornus berry)

Night Sweat Formula I:part…DanShen(Chinese Salvia) 1-part…JinYinHua(Honeysuckle blossoms) 2-part…ZhiMu(Anemarrhena Rt) 1-part…DiGuPi(Lycium Rt) 1 part…YinChaiHU(Stellaria Rt) 1-part…MuDanPi(Moutan Bark) 1- - part…ShengDiHuang(Rehmania) 2-part…QingHao(Sweet Artemesia) 2-part…FuXiaoMai(Wheat Grain) 1-part…HuangBai(Phellodendron Rt.) 1- part…BaiShao(White Peony Rt) 2-part…GouQiZi(Lycium Fruit) 2- part…TuSiZi(Dodder Seeds)part…NuZhenzi(Privet Fruit) 2-part…TianMenDong(Asparagus Rt) 1-WuWeZi(Schizandra seeds) 2-part…ShanZhuYu(Cornus berry) 2-

Night Sweats Formula II (for swollen stomach effect):2-part…WuWeZi(Schizandra seeds) 2-part…ShanZhuYu(Cornus berry) 2- part…HuangBai(Phellodendron Rt.) 1-part…ZhiMu(Anemarrhena Rt) 1- part…BaiShao(White Peony Rt) 2-part…GouQiZi(Lycium Fruit) 2- part…DiGuPi(Lycium Rt) 1-part…YinChaiHU(Stellaria Rt) 1-part…MuDanPi(Moutan Bark) 1-part…DanShen(Chinese Salvia) 1-part…JinYinHua(Honeysuckle blossoms) 1-part…FuXiaoMai(Wheat Grain) 2-part…QingHao(Sweet Artemesia) 2- part…NuZhenzi(Privet Fruit) 2-part…TianMenDong(Asparagus Rt) 2- part…Houpo(Magnolia Bark)part…TuSiZi(Dodder Seeds) 1-part…WuWeZi(Schizandra seeds) 1-

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