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Definition of red raspberry

Red raspberry is a perennial plant of the genus, Rubus, which is native to the Europe, Asia and South and North America. The red raspberry plant has pale green colored leaves and it is sweet, edible and has a flavored fruits. The red raspberry has amazing healing properties, which are known for many years, especially for pregnant women. Tea is made from leaves of red raspberry, and it contains highly concentrate dosage of vitamins and minerals.

Red raspberry leaf tea for fertility and pregnancy

Although red raspberry tea is beneficial and is considered as excellent natural remedy for number of illnesses, it’s most common usage is for pregnant women and for the ones trying to conceive. Red raspberry leaf tea contains high dosage of vitamins and minerals, like vitamins B, A, C, and D, and also phosphorus, calcium and potassium, and as such, it can be very beneficial for overall health and immune system of the person especially pregnant women.

Red raspberry leaf tea also contains alkaloids and carotenoids like fragrine. Alkaloid fragrine is known for its effect of toning muscles of the uterus and pelvic region, thus making delivery less painful, quicker and easier, by allowing them to contract more efficiently during labor. In addition to that, red raspberry leaf tea is very good for better blood circulation, ease of the morning sickness symptoms, relieving of constipation, preventing postpartum hemorrhage, prevention of miscarriage, better lactation and promoting bone development in the baby.

In addition to that, red raspberry leaf tea is believed to be excellent remedy for both male and female infertility. In those cases it should be mixed with red clover to enhance the impact. Women can use red raspberry leaf tea in cases of PMS syndrome problems and also with problems of irregular periods.

Other benefits of red raspberry leaf tea

Apart from pregnant women, other people with various problems may use the red raspberry leaf tea. Some of the most common problems for red raspberry leaf tea usage may be in prevention of dehydration, treatment of flu, nausea, upset stomach, fever, vomiting and rubella. Inflammation of intestine and dirham is also symptom for red raspberry leaf tea usage. Red raspberry leaf tea is also good for treating skin irritations, irritation or sore throat, gum diseases, lowering the levels of blood sugar in diabetic parents, etc.

Preparation of red raspberry leaf tea

Tea is usually prepared by boiling 1 cup of water, and then adding 2 teaspoons of red raspberry leaf tea, and leave it to cool down for 15 minutes. In order to derive all of the many red raspberry leaf tea properties, tea should be used while it’s hot.

As far as side effects go, there are not any serious ones, only one may be mildly lowering of bloods pressure, due to high content of magnesium. If in doubt, especially during nursing, consult with your doctor.

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