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Thisspecific skin condition can affect just about any part of a person’sbody, but its most “favorite” area are certainly the hands. Among those mostevident and easy to spot on manifestations are surely such as presence ofredness, itching, as well as a lot of dry skin and skin flakes. As far as thosemore serious eczema cases are concerned, there may also occur more painful anditchy blisters. One of the things, however, which should not be done under anycircumstances and no matter how much itch the eczema causes is to scratch it, since this way a person only brings more malice and makes the entire conditiondeteriorate significantly, due to the breaking of the skin and popping of thoseblisters. Also not to be disregarded is the fact that the presence of this skincondition affects other related things as well, such as the increasedsensitivity of the person’s skin to certain cosmetic products, various soaps, washing solutions and detergents as well. Given the fact that this skincondition is extremely awkward and unpleasant to say the least, the bestpossible way to ward it off is to consult with your dermatologist as soon aspossible and ask him/her for advice on how to battle this nuisance with success.In order to speed up an entire treatment process, you should adhere to numerousmeasures that not only aid in warding off, but also in bringing the entirecondition under control.


Whenit comes to some of the most common causers of this unpleasant skin condition,one should first get acquainted with the types of eczema. Namely, there existtwo basic types – exogenous and endogenous. The former’s main causers arefairly familiar, i.e. they originate in numerous external factors (e.g. mildacid, weak alkali, shampoos, detergents, conditioners, cleansing materials,greases, oils and alike). As for the latter, the causers are most oftenconstitutionally determined (e.g. hypersensitive reaction induced by the immunesystem).

Techniquesand methods to ward the eczema off

Under no circumstances should the skin be either cooled or heated. Too frequent washing of hands with soaps or some other washing solutions should be avoided. Gloves are a must during house chores. Household cleansing agents, deodorants, antibacterial soaps are to be avoided. In case you are cooking, give your best to avoid any contact with juices coming from fruits, with fruits themselves, raw meat, garlic, and alike.

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