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Hand Dermatitis

Hand dermatitis is a fairly common medical condition which affects the hands and is characterized by reddish scales and a rather uncomfortable itchy feeling. This medical condition occurs mostly in people who are frequently in contact with numerous different types of irritants or chemical substances and in some rare cases it can also be inherited. Constant contact with metals can also be the cause of hand dermatitis. There are also certain other irritants which strip the skin’s natural protective layer, such as wind, cold and friction. Allergic contact dermatitis may sometimes occur when certain allergen trigger and immune response which causes the productions of antibodies whose main purposes is to fight those allergens. The most common cause of allergic contact dermatitis is latex, which is commonly used for the production of medical gloves and condoms.

Sometimes the hand dermatitis may be triggered by different sorts of fungal infections, and in those cases it is supposed to be treated with different types of antifungal creams and ointments. The symptoms of hand dermatitis depend on the severity of the medical condition but they usually include rashes, itching, swelling, and in some cases even blisters. Worse cases with bacterial infections commonly include open sores. Avoiding all chemical and other irritants which trigger the hand dermatitis is highly advisable. Minor cases can be treated with ointments and creams, but serious cases of hand dermatitis need to be treated with antihistamines and oral medications.

Itchy Neck Rash

Itchy neck rash is another common medical condition which is commonly associated with different sorts of fungal or bacterial infections and weakened immune system. One of the major causes of itchy neck rash is acanthosis nigricans. The condition is commonly caused by other diseases and it can easily be cured simply by treating the underlying cause. Another possible cause is an acute skin disease known by the name of furunculosis. Its most common symptoms include recurrent boils. This condition requires immediate medical attention and it needs to be treated as soon as possible because it may lead to certain other complications. Another common cause is known by the name seborrheic keratosis. It is completely harmless and it can be treated by electrosurgery, scraping or freezing. Some other possible causes include tinea versicolor and epidermoid cyst. Home remedies include Hydrocortisone lotions or creams, hot tubs, various different types of over the counter antihistamines, baking soda paste, oatmeal and cornstarch.

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