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Skin disorders are one of the mostfrequent troubles that many people have to deal with. The skin is susceptibleto various diseases since it can be affected by the internal and externalfactors. Many health conditions usually manifest themselves through a rash thatappears on the skin. Therefore, it can be said that, when a rash appears on theskin, there is some underlying cause for it.

There are several kinds of skinrashes and fungal rash is one of them. Fungal rash may emerge on the face but alsoon every other part of the body, like back, chest or buttocks. When it appearson the body, it is medically called tinea corporis or candida or jock itch. On theother side, when it emerges on the face, there are several terms for thiscondition, such as face ringworm, tinea face, or tinea barbae. Other popularnames for fungal rash on face are fungal face infection and face fungus.

When the fungal infection causes skinsoreness on the face, then the fungal skin rash occurs. The fungi that areresponsible for the outbreak of fungal rash on face are called Dermatophytes. Anothername for these fungi is keratinophilic fungi. This kind of rash is only asuperficial infection. While it can appear on the whole face in women, in menit is restricted to part of the face where hairs grow. Furthermore, it is morefrequent in people who live in the parts of the world where the climate iswarm.

Symptoms of fungal rash on face

Since there are several types ofskin rash, it is very important to know which type one has in order to receive aproper treatment. Fungal rash on face is manifested through pink patches on theskin that are round and slightly raised. Moreover, the patches have a scalyborder and they are rough to the touch. The people who have problems withfungal skin rashes on the face may also notice that there is a darkening ofsome skin lesions. Itching may also appear along with rash.

In severe cases, when immediatemedical help is needed, the rash is followed by the outbreak of brown andyellow scabs, pus drains, fever and painful skin. Fungal rash on face is contagious andcan be easily passed from person to person. For that reason, it is recommended toavoid direct contact with the infected person.

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