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There are many excellent reasons to quite smoking before trying to get pregnant. Smoking is, of course, bad for your general health. It can make both men and women less fertile, and women who smoke while pregnant put their fetus at risk in many ways. Smoking during pregnancy can cause stillbirth, pre-term labor, and low birth weight, among other things. Because of this, and the fact that smoking is so very addictive and it's difficult to quit, quitting smoking well before you start trying for a baby is the responsible thing to do.

One of the biggest problems with smoking you know, beside the lung cancer is that it is so very addictive. Wanting a baby, and doing the right thing for its health, is probably one of the most powerful motivators to stop smoking. Some people find nicotine replacement therapy helpful, but if you decide to give this a go it is a good idea to "wean" yourself off that soon after starting, because nicotine patches can also be addictive, as well as very expensive. If you are quitting smoking before trying to get pregnant, it is a good idea to remember that nicotine replacement therapy is also bad for a fetus, and that you need to stop completely before conceiving if at all possible.

Friends who have quit smoking multiple times say that distraction is the key to making it work. How can you put this into practice?Every time you really want to light up, walk to the kitchen and fill a large glass with water. Drink it in one go, and repeat every single time you feel tempted. Some women all find chewing gum, small snacks, a quick walk, or squeezing a stress ball helpful. And remember, every time you say not to a cigarette, you're closer to getting pregnant!

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