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Are you and your other half talking about trying for a baby soon, but you're not quite ready yet? Don't be impatient the extra time gives you the opportunity to make all the right health changes that will set your baby up with the best possible start in life. What do you need to do before trying to get pregnant?

How can men prepare for trying to conceive? Women are commonly seen as the ones who need to do all the preconception planning and changing. Men are, of course, just as important. So let's start with the fathers to be.Stop drinking, or cut down on the alcohol if you drink too much. A glass every now and then is fine, but a high amount of alcohol has a negative impact on sperm count and can decrease a man's chances of getting his partner pregnant.

The same goes for smoking cigarettes. Smoking is bad news while you're trying to conceive, and if the future dad smokes during his partner's pregnancy, that's almost as bad as the pregnant mom smoking. Quit, while you have time. Don't overheat your testicles. That includes hot baths, wearing tight underpants, or sitting with a laptop on your lap. Take a multivitamin supplement, and folic acid too.

How women can prepare for pregnancy

Take a multivitamin supplement, folic acid, and also examine if your diet can do with some improvement. Women with a Body Mass Index (BMI) that is too high should try to lose weight before getting pregnant. Quit smoking and drinking, just like your partner. These unhealthy habits can both have very negative consequences for a fetus, and also reduce your fertility. Start looking at your menstrual cycle and sign up for an ovulation calendar to get to know your most fertile days.

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