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Couples who are trying to get pregnant often take the opportunity to look critically at their lifestyle and diets, and to adopt a more healthy way of life. Some people find that they are already doing as much as they can to stay fit and healthy, but many either make subtle or big changes in their life before trying to get pregnant. So, what are the best lifestyle changes for both women who want to have a baby? What are the things that will both increase your fertility and encourage a healthy pregnancy? Let's take a look!

Stop smoking. We've discussed quitting smoking before trying to get pregnant a few times already but if you are a smoker, it is really important to give up before you try to conceive. Smoking decreases your fertility and can cause many problems during pregnancy. It is the big no-no of all the big pregnancy no-nos. There is no need to give up coffee altogether when you are trying to conceive, or even when you are pregnant (though most women find they have a natural aversion to coffee when they are expecting). But studies found that drinking eight cups or more a day increase the risk of miscarriage, so cutting down is a good idea, if you need to. Check if you have a healthy weight, or could benefit from losing some. Many women find losing weight and getting in shape is easier before pregnancy than during or after, so now is the time. Also see overweight and trying to get pregnant. Too much alcohol is a bad idea, for obvious reasons. This doesn't apply to that lone glass of wine with your restaurant meal, though. Even women who are trying to conceive can enjoy a little drink sometimes. ;) What is your diet like? If your diet contains plenty of fruits and vegetables and foods from all food groups and you eat home-cooked meals keep it going! If you eat too much fast food or are lacking in major areas, changing that is another lifestyle change you and your fertility will really benefit from.

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