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Withdrawal symptoms are one of the worst facts a person can run into when he or she decides to quit smoking. These symptoms can last for months and are not a minor thing, especially after the first crisis is over. Because of this, many people return to smoking because they feel it's impossible to quit due to still having significant cravings. However, it is not impossible. Cravings can appear out of nowhere and it helps if a person knows what to expect.

Quit smoking withdrawal symptoms

Lots of people are known to have gone through numerous withdrawal symptoms like restlessness, inability to fall asleep, dizziness and headaches. Anxious feelings, fatigue, constipation and depression are also well known symptoms. People may also have problems with concentration, anger, irritability and possible weight gain. Of course, there is always a constant craving for tobacco.

First 48 hours are the most critical. For some people it may takes 8 to 12 weeks to feel good in their own skin again, but for others it may take 6 months. This depends on a person.

Like cocaine, nicotine is a stimulant and it causes an addiction. Besides that, it is a toxin as well. Many people believe that nicotine makes them feel more relaxed and that it can increase the brain power.

Other withdrawal symptoms

Sweating, nausea and tingling of the hands and feet are among these symptoms. Also, a person can expect sore throat and colds when the lungs start to clear after many years of being infected.

Mental withdrawal symptoms

Things like insomnia, mental confusion, irritability and anxiety can be very distressing to those who try to quit smoking. Depression may also be a symptom as well.

All these symptoms are far worse when a person quits smoking at once. There are programs to quit smoking gradually, but lots of experts agree that it is just like getting into a cold pool. They think it is way better to just dive in and get it over with. The important thing is that a person endures the withdrawal symptoms and then he or she can make a clean break. One more thing a person needs to remember is that the longer he or she goes without a smoke the easier it will get.

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