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Here we will try to explain whatthe main symptoms of nicotine withdrawal are and how to deal with them because when you decide to quit smoking, you will probably experience some notso pleasant symptoms. But it is comforting that these symptoms don’t last longand once they are gone, your addiction to nicotine is gone too. You willhave to learn how to breathe properly in order to relax yourself. The benefitsof proper breathing are multiple, and among other things it will help you torelax and to cope with distress more easily, as well as to restrain yourself fromsmoking a cigarette. That is why it is important to learn and maintainthis skill. While trying to quit smoking, you must be aware that you will havesudden urges to smoke and that they will be hard to resist. However, you haveto stay calm and try not to smoke.


Here we will give some advice onhow to restrain yourself from smoking when these strong urges are present.Firstly, it is important to know what feelings and irritation you willexperience during this process, because you will be in great distress andirritations will be numerous, but do not let this discourage you. There aremany people who quit smoking so if they could do it why couldn’t you? You shouldbe introduced to what happens when you inhale smoke and how these toxins gothrough your respiratory tract and affect all sorts of organs in your body. Theurge to smoke will be present most of the time during withdrawal, and it may behelpful that when you feel the need to light a cigarette you think aboutsomething else. Find some activity that will draw yourattention away from smoking. The best thing to do this is to think ofevery activity that you enjoy in and that can occupy your thoughts and behavior.When you know what activities give you the pleasure then you can fully committo them and stop thinking about smoking. Beside that, you will enjoy more inyour everyday life while doing something that you love.

It is very important to learn whatto expect when you decide to quit smoking, as well as what kind of symptoms mayoccur and how unpleasant they can be. Bear in mind that these symptoms lastshortly but are intensive. Second thing that you should learn are thestrategies of dealing with distress caused by nicotine withdrawal. This is thebest way to quit smoking and stop the addiction that is very unhealthy. It isnot necessary to say how smoking affects your health, that is already a wideknown fact. Quit smoking now and you will feel much better after a while.

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