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A couple from Kansas who became the proud parents of one girl and three boys all at once said that everything was going great, and that they were overjoyed. Angela Decker from Topeka gave birth to quadruplets this week, by cesarean section. The first time mom of four told the press: "It went really smoothly. Everyone is doing well." Congratulations!

The four children were named Alyssa, Maddox, Logan and Jaden. The couple said that they had spent their pregnancy discussing baby names, but they did not decide on the final names until their babies were born. Angela said: "We just kind of decided for sure when we saw them." The press was told that the babies were doing great and are now being monitored at the NICU of the medical center they were delivered at, but no other information was given about the birth weights, gestational ages, or condition of these four. The proud daddy said, when he was asked how everyone was doing: "Oh, it's unbelievable, Everything is just going so good. The hospital has been great."

But at the same time, the couple did mention moving to Kansas from Texas because they had family and therefore, help available to them there. The new parents also just bought a new, bigger house to house their large family. No information was released about how the four brothers and sisters were conceived, and I have to say that I am really curious. The thought of getting pregnant with quadruplets and carrying them for as long as possible alone is quite daunting to me. But then, when I imagine having four newborns (and only two hands) all at once, I have to say that I imagine it would be a rather large challenge. How would you feel about quadruplets? Also see multiple birth statistics, and octuplet mom's IVF doctor scrutinized.

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