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Most of you have heard of Nadya Suleman, the mom who kept on having babies through IVF, and had octuplets intentionally. She is a single mom with no job and no means of independently supporting her family, yet she now has 14 kids. Did I mention that Nadya Suleman also had extensive plastic surgery, because she wanted to look like Angeline Jolie?

The doctor who knowingly implanted six embryos into her uterus all at once is now facing scrutiny once again. This time, the now notorious Dr Michael Kamrava was accused of failing to order additional tests for a woman suffering from ovarian cancer by the Medical Board of California. Dr Kamrava transferred a shocking number of seven embryos into a woman identified only as L C through IVF. She was 48 years old and ended up becoming pregnant with quadruplets. One fetus was lost during pregnancy. The remain three babies were delivered by c-section six weeks early due to complications that arose, probably as a result of the ovarian cancer. One of the babies is said to have severe developmental delays.

"[Dr Kamrava] placed L C at great risk which was confirmed by a quadruplet pregnancy that ended with catastrophic results," a document produced by the Medical Board of California stated. Since it is not the first time that this doctor has been accused of medical malpractice, I hope that this case will lead to him being stripped of his medical license. Worst of all, this was not the only case in which Dr Kamrava implanted embryos into women with a history of cancer - there was another 42 year old, who in addition to having suffered from cancer in the past also had ovarian cysts. And to top it all off, none of Dr Kamrava's patients were sent of counseling or mental evaluations. Needless to say, Dr Kamrava was unavailable for comments!

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