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They say that everything is bigger in Texas, and if you look at JaMichael, a baby born in a Texas hospital this week, that is certainly true! The baby weighed 16 pounds and one ounce and is two feet long. For the Europeans among us, that means over seven kilos and 60 cm long! JaMichael and his parents were all over the news, and were asked whether they wanted a football player in the family. His dad replied that basketball seemed like a good sport for his new son.

JaMichael's mother, Janet Johnson from Longview, looked predictably tired while she was being interviewed. She said: "When they pulled the baby out, they could tell that he was huge. And then they weighed him." She added: "I just said we were expecting a big baby. To not get any newborn stuff." Doctors told the proud couple to prepare for a 12 or 13 pounds baby following ultrasounds during pregnancy, but that was not enough. The baby's mom said that a lot of the baby clothes they bought for him were too small!

Janet suffered from gestational diabetes, and though the baby is ever so cute, doctors warned that babies his size can end up with health problems like problems regulating blood sugar and obesity later in life. Nurses said that JaMichael was the biggest baby they had ever seen after Janet's c-section. The baby is doing fine now, but is staying in the NICU for now. Janet said: "He's getting fed through a feeding tube and their checking his blood sugar." Isn't that amazing? I can't even imagine what she must have felt like during her pregnancy. My babies were under 6 pounds and I didn't have much of a baby bump either. What can we say, other than congratulations and we hope that baby JaMichael will have a wonderful life!

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