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Mandy Hayden Freeman from Dublin, Ireland was 32 weeks pregnant with triplet boys when she went into labor. But, instead of driving to hospital or calling an ambulance, she had to make a 25 mile trek to the hospital where she was going to give birth. Why? The heavy snow fall that has been affecting large parts of Europe meant that Freeman was totally snowed in, with no way for any form of transportation to reach her. So this heroic mom walked all the way to the hospital with her husband!

If you don't find the thought of walking in cold, snowy weather for 25 miles very attractive, you are not alone! Now imagine doing that while you are having labor contractions every couple of minutes. And add to that the fact that Mandy Hayden Freeman must have been carrying a heavy weight around, and you can see why this woman is a true hero! Her husband John said: "We were just in Holles Street for our check up on Tuesday and everything was fine. We were booked in for a Cesarean on December 15. But when we came home, she said she didn't feel well and started getting cramps and experiencing pain."

The couple did call the emergency services, but they were told that paramedics would not be able to reach them some problem with their helicopter, apparently. So they did what they thought was best walk! Midwives and paramedics were on their way in 4x4 jeeps, but the couple was not sure they would get there in time because of the snowfall. They stayed on the phone with emergency services the whole time, and after they got to the hospital, Mandy delivered three baby boys. Her husband said: "It s brilliant, it was all such an adventure. I m so proud of her and we re both so happy that we now have three little boys. Aaron was 4.5lbs, Finn was 3lbs, 15.5oz and Ryan was 4lbs and 1.5oz. It s unreal for triplets. The average weight of babies born at 32 weeks is 2lbs. They are double the size of the average." What a wonderful story!

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