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After a long struggle to get pregnant and six round of IVF, the iconic signer Celine Dion has given birth to twin boys! The boys were born last Saturday by cesarean section, and came a month early. Congratulations, Celine! Celine and her husband Rene Angelil have not named their boys yet. They both weighed around 5lbs and are in great condition.

Rene told the press: "This is a joyous moment, the greatest thing that could happen to us." He did not reveal much more than that, and of course saying that the couple is overjoyed with their news sons is stating the obvious. Celine's husband, who is not the youngest of fathers at 68 years of age, did reveal that he was the one to cut the boys' umbilical cords. "When I cord, it was instant love," Rene said. The twins were born at a Florida hospital at 11.11 am and 11.12 am and are going to spend a few days in incubators. They are doing well, though.

Celine herself is said to be doing great too, though she is taking things easy and recovering from her c-section. There has been a lot of speculation in the press and the blogosphere alike about when the couple's twins would be born, and whether she was planning an early c-section. We're also slightly curious why the boys were delivered a month early. But I guess that it is none of our business, and that we should just be happy for the couple. They have a nine year old son and tried to conceive again for many years. Finally, after six months of IVF treatments, they were blessed with their twins. We will let you know once the couple decides the names of their twins. It is interesting that Celine said that she wanted to see them first, before naming them. You may like to see our (semi) related posts about signs you might be expecting twins, and trying to conceive in your forties as well.

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