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Carole Hobson became the oldest mother of twins in the United Kingdom when she gave birth to a boy and a girl on Christmas Eve last year. Now, the prematurely born twins who were delivered by emergency cesarean section nine weeks early were finally able to come home after a long NICU stay. Hobson's story caused a lot of controversy in Britain. She, meanwhile, says: "I'm very happy to be caring for my two babies. I feel overwhelmed with love for them and very protective of them, but it would be nice to get a good night's sleep. But I am sure it will get easier."

Carole Hobson told the British press that she did not feel her biological clock ticking in her twenties and thirties, and that she was already in her forties when she became convinced that her life lacked a baby. Embarking on the adventure that is motherhood was not easy for her. When her partner turned out not to want children, she decided to try to fulfill her wish to become a mother on her own. Carole's twins, Freida and Matthew, were conceived in an Indian fertility clinic through IVF. In India, IVF is provided to women up to 63 years of age. The 58 year old mother turned to a 24 year old Indian egg donor and a Scandinavian sperm donor for help.

Carole said: "I want to seize every opportunity that medical science can offer me, as a woman. Some people might accuse me of being selfish or going against nature, but isn't it going against nature to perform transplants or heart surgery? I'm no more selfish than any other woman who wants a family." The press was quick to judge this woman because of her age, the fact that she is a single mother by choice, and that she wants to return to work fulltime to support her new family. At SteadyHealth, we can't say that we don't understand the judgment, but we also think some of it is unfair. We wish Carole and her new sprouts all the best! Carole isn't the first woman to embark on motherhood at this "ripe" age. Read Romanian IVF mother, 72, wants another another child?

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